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Deep Thought

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The object of the game is to place all KINGs, QUEENs, JACKs onto their respective spots in the card area. Dimmed images of KINGs, QUEENs and JACKs are provided for your guidance.

You place a card one at a time onto the card area. Face cards can only be placed on their respective spots. Non-face cards can be placed anywhere. When the card area is filled up, you are given a chance to remove cards in pairs that total 10 or single non-face cards worth 10 to be able to continue to place cards onto the card area until your objective is met.

For every card you place onto the playing field, you get 50 points for a face card, 10 points for a single non-face card of value 10, 20 points for removing a pair of cards that total 10 and 20 points for placing non-face cards in the card area. 1000 bonus points if you clear the round.

You are given 5 rounds per game to rack up as many points as you can. Think of the rounds as your lives. For every round that you don't meet your objective, you will be deducted 1 round. If you do clear the game, the round will not decrement. Once you reach round 0, the game is over and you start all over again.

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