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Peek Solitaire

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Game play consists of a tableau with four piles of four cards each (all face-up). A seventeenth card is put in the first of four foundations. Cards with the same suit as this card must be moved to this foundation and the three other foundations must begin with cards of the same rank. All undealt cards make up the stock.

The top cards in each pile in the tableau are the only cards in play and must be moved to the foundations. A card can be moved to a foundation if a card of the same value has already been placed in the foundation before it. Once cards have been placed on the foundation, any face-down cards remaining in the tableau are turned face-up. When placing cards from the tableau is no longer possible, one can use the stock, deal three cards at a time, and use its top card to make possible moves. One can re-deal the stock as long as there are possible moves from the stock or from the tableau to the foundations.

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