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Humm, it seems your browser is having some trouble playing this game. Trying going to our help page and see how to install the latest plug-ins and enable JavaScript. If that doesn't help maybe you need to upgrade your browser!


Command Keys:
s    search                i    inventory             ]    List armour          =       List rings
f    fight                 F    fight (to the death)  ^    Identify trap        I       Short Inventory
e[?] eat                   q[?] quaff (drink)         T    Take off             W[?]    Wear armour
r[?] read a scroll         d    drop                  w[?] Weild wepon          c       Call something a name
P[?] Put on a ring         R    Remove a ring         z    zap something        t[dir]  Throw something
M    See previous message  >    Decend level          v    version              Q       Quit
<    Ascend level          )    List weapons          /    Identify character   ?       help

[?] use the question mark to get a list of items to use.

Movement:                                  y  k  u
	With SHIFT to move until you hit    \ | /    
	an obstacle                        h -+- l  
										/ | \
										   b  j  n  
Or use the arrow keys.										   
	[.]  rest           
	[,]  Pick up item at your location.
	m[dir] move onto something without taking it

Please note that SAVE and RESTORE are not available due to applet security restrictions. Leaving this page may or may not restart the game depending on the behavior of your browser. The Zplet was coded by Matthew Russotto (

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