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your top 5 favorite games

  • Arcade Race ExtremeArcade Race Extreme
    Drive through track after track fighting off enemy cars and trying not to do too much damage to your own car on the way!
  • International Speed BustersInternational Speed Busters
    Bash into criminal targets and run them off the road to destroy their cars so that justice may be served! Bust those speeding bad-guys!
  • Mountain Rescue DriverMountain Rescue Driver
    It's up to you to get an injured man to the medical center before it's too late! Figure out how to maneuver the truck over hills of snow!
  • Ultimate Street CarUltimate Street Car
    Choose your car style and hit the streets! Can you time it right to beat out the competition and become the ultimate street car racer?

additional favorite games

  • Deus RacerDeus Racer
    It's the year 2525 and the bots are an army of super-soldiers. There has been an error in some of the bots and they've turned evil.