• aMazeaMaze
    Draw the shortest line you can! Watch out for obstacles!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Flower SudokuFlower Sudoku
    If you love sudoku but are sick of the numbers, flower sudoku is the game for you! Choose which size and difficulty to play and get thinking!
  • Free CellFree Cell
    If its not on your system you can play it here!
  • Jane's HotelJane's Hotel
    Jane has just opened up a new hotel! Help her run the place smoothly and keep all the customers satisfied!
  • Jane's Hotel: Family HeroJane's Hotel: Family Hero
    New game, same old Jane! Run hotels in France, England, Japan and the Canaries. Explore the world and help the family's hotel business boom!

additional favorite games

  • Dream SolitaireDream Solitaire
    Dive into a dreamy game of solitaire this way!
  • House On The Hill SolitaireHouse On The Hill Solitaire
    This crazy Solitaire twist will keep you going for hours! But mind the order of the card stacks if you want to beat this one!
  • KindergartenKindergarten
    Can you run a day care? A fun-filled, colorful and interactive management game were you have to make sure that all of the babies are happy!