• Color Infection 2Color Infection 2
    Strategically move objects to get all the yellow objects infected by the brown! When a yellow touches a brown it becomes brown! Avoid the green!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Atomik KaosAtomik Kaos
    Follow the instructions given to you to create appropriate reactions! Make atoms explode and cause reactions!
  • BounceBounce
    Steer clear of obstacles as you try and turn the power platforms green while trying to control a crazy little bouncing ball.
  • Bridges IIBridges II
    Connect the islands with a chain of bridges! Give each island the number of bridges indicated on the island!
  • Cheat 2 WinCheat 2 Win
    Find ways to "cheat" through increasingly difficult levels! "Trick" the game to move on to the next level!

additional favorite games

  • CompulseCompulse
    Try and get the ball to the goal in as few moves as possible. Use the Compulse tiles to influence the balls path to get around the obstacles.
  • Contrast CannonContrast Cannon
    Fire cannonballs into marked boxes! Gravity changes depending on what part of the screen the balls are on! Use as few balls as possible!
  • DeflectionDeflection
    Deflect the ball into the goal by creating walls in this addictive physics-based game! Levels are timed so you must have quick reflexes to win!
  • Descent 2Descent 2
    Twist the world and everything around it to make the ball descend into portals and color-changing boxes so that it can reach the flag!
  • FillerFiller
    The concept is simple, fill 2/3 of the level to continue. Once you start playing there's no stopping!